Monday, December 10, 2012

Everybody loves a clown…but nobody wants to take a clown home.

Yesterday a new client of mines called in and was telling me how he’s having a big problem with women. He was very frustrated; he said he has no problems approaching women; his problem happened to be getting them to give him the number. He told me he did not understand because from what he can tell, they seemed to be impressed with all the tricks, jokes and personality tests that he ran by them, and they appeared to be very interested in what he had to offer from a personality stand point. “They laugh and twirl their hair and all of the indicators that they are interested, but when I go for the number they flake” he said. I asked him why he felt he had to do all these personality test and comedic jokes to be appealing. He told me that he’d read a couple of books that stated that by doing these things, and sometimes physically wearing very interesting pieces of accessories relays a man of value and interest.  Curious, I asked him the title of the book and had a look at the information for myself. Sure enough in print this was exactly what this information was giving to men who were willing to do almost anything to improve their dating life. I also noticed this craze on YouTube from a lot of so called PUA’s but thought nothing of it.  Now there could be other issues as to the reason he’s not securing numbers but this method he’s using is definitely one of biggest reasons why.
Now look guys, I’m not going to totally bash this type of information, and I’m not going to get very detailed here because the scope of this issue is beyond this post. But I will say this; when a woman feels that a man is going above and beyond himself, and who he is to impress her, impressed is the last thing she will be. When they sense you are doing this you become nothing more than a form of entertainment to them. So yeah, you may get them to stick around for a bit to hear what your personality tests reveals, they may be amazed by your magic tricks, they might even like the jokes you made up to get them to laugh. But at the end of the day you are the clown, and nobody wants to take a clown home.  

I’ve stated this before, and I’ll say it again BE YOU, BE THE BEST OF YOU! Don’t try and be a magician if you are not one; don’t try to be a tarot card reader if you are not. Wear that shirt because it looks good on you, not because it looks good to her. If you make a joke, do it because you think it’s funny and don’t sweat it if she doesn’t, tell her it’s too bad she doesn’t have a sense of humor and continue the conversation. Don’t try to be the PUA’s you’ve heard and read about. Now I know some guys are going to say, “well the guys on YouTube do crazy, even zany things to get girls phone numbers all the time and succeed. This is very true, but what they don’t reveal to you is how most, if not all of those women they approach flake or give wrong numbers. They don’t show you the huge number of women who turn them down. What would be the point of that? That’s not helping the marketing of the product. Those methods do not yield results past general conversation and the guy clowning around.
A lot of time we run into having problems with getting women interested and willing because we have issues within ourselves, which stops us from bringing out the best of us, and being ok with who we are. Don’t try and patch this issue up with trying to be something you’re not guys, come on. Now quit clowning around out there in field and show these women who you really are, THE BEST OF WHO YOU ARE.

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