Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Quit Playing The Lotto With Your Dating Life, MAN UP!!

Many will play,  less then few will win. Is that how you want your dating life to be?

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Yesterday I was looking at some dating statistics in different cities on the famous citydata.com and came across a thread that stated “FOR WOMEN WHO REFUSE TO APPROACH MEN” so I clicked on into the conversation. Inside there was a not so attractive woman who was boosting about how she approached a guy in the bar and brought him drinks and apparently had a very fruitful night with the guy. Immediately after she was done with bragging about her rather bold approach compared to most women, men began to flood into the post. A lot of them began to speak very highly of her saying how awesome she was and how they wish women where like that where they reside. Their reasons for this want for a role change (a large portion of them) happen to be because they fear rejection, they cant figure out how to break the ice, and the lack of material to sustain a constructive and interesting conversation to name a few. So because of this these men where very firm on saying that they would rather the woman approach them because of their short comings within themselves, or what the dating world calls limiting beliefs. I quickly chimed in on the conversation and expressed to these men that if they are expecting a woman to pick up the slack where they fall short they are doing nothing more then playing the lotto with their dating life plain and simple.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you guys who feel your going to come across and keep, or consistently have women of substance, beauty, and drive from sitting on death row (sitting there waiting for a miracle to happen) because you can’t man up and face your fears and address these limiting beliefs your simply playing the power ball with your dating life. It’s just not how it works. And I say the lotto because some people are going to come along and say “that’s not totally true I met my girlfriend and she approached me”. Well that’s great but just like the lotto the ratio of that happening compared to it not present a very large ratio.  And when I say this I’m speaking of it being highly unlikely that a woman of value is going to approach you and set the stage for things.

A lot of things have changed within the world we live in especially with women. Women now have equal employment, they quite often make more money, and with online dating they have more options to choose from then Sonics drink combination deal. With that said though, one thing that has not changed is they want for a CONFIDENT man. Women, especially the ones that I mentioned just above here look to have a confident man and the first sign of a confident man is his ability to approach a woman, make his presence known and let her know what his intentions are. This by facing these limiting beliefs that plague so many men instead of playing it safe and “WAIT “ for an opportunity to appear, that’s a beta mindset, beta males sit around hoping one dale things will go their way instead of having it their way.

Here’s the deal, quality women view things in this aspect. If you, the man can’t confidently approach her, or deal with a little rejection how do you expect to handle the days when it’s one of those days and she wants to be alone? How are you going make her feel secure? How in the hell are you going to tell her what the plan is, or have those stimulating mind sex conversations before the physical action? These are things women are seeking to find in a man first and foremost. And if you think that those things aren’t going to matter once she gets to know you, you are wrong, like most people who missed the Powerball numbers.

I can’t stress this enough to men out there, if you want to have a more fulfilling dating life you are going to have to go out there and pursue it. That’s the way it works guys, you can’t sit around playing the numbers game in hopes an attractive woman is going to fall in your lap and buy you drinks. Alpha males don’t wait for it to happen they make it happen.  So get out there and MAN UP!!

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