Thursday, December 6, 2012

Just Some Basics On Approach

So yeah guys, the last blog I just had to do it…I had to let you guys know how much you limit yourselves by just standing around waiting for some miracle to fall in your lap. But this time around I’m going to give you guys some insight on exactly how to go about approaching the women you want and desire.  

Now before I move forward with this blog, or any other blog I want you guys to know that what I preach is exactly what I practice. I have used these methods and teachings myself and shared them with my students as well. This is the basics for approaching women who are usually by themselves which is what I would suggest beginners to do. With that said let’s go in!!

Tip #1: It Starts With You!

Quit sitting around judging yourself so much. As long as you know that you are bringing the best of you to the table that’s all that counts man plain and simple. Are you being the best that you can be? If so you can’t be anymore then you are right? In life we want the best of the best so if you are at your best then that’s exactly what you are, THE BEST. 

Tip #2: Understand That This Is What She Wants

This is something I’m sure you do know, women get approached by men in the club and bar scene ALLLL the time. Guys are under the influence, all of their social conditioning is out the door, so it’s game on for them. On the other hand it’s very basic to women, and places men in a very basic category, usually. Now what you probably did not know is these same men become vegetables in the day time, and in turn those same women almost NEVER get approached at all! Women don’t expect it, but they damn sure want a man to approach them outside of the bar scene because it’s spontaneous, unpredictable, different, and shows a very bold and confident move on your part. The initial approach alone gets you respect from her and the guys sitting around wishing they had the balls to do it.

Tip#3: Go For It!!

You already know what this is because we’ve all violated this one before. Sitting across the room, plotting the approach, checking to see if she’s alone putting all these factors in your head like she looks busy, she looks stuck up or she probably has a boy friend. This is you talking yourself out of fear of rejection. You’re going to have the worse approaches or none at all when you just don’t go for it and approach her. Use some common sense of course, don’t approach her when she’s paying the cashier or getting money out of the ATM. 

Tip #4: Don’t Make It a Numbers Game

I remember when I first started approaching women. I would go home, and at the end of the day count the numbers I’d acquired. After I counted them I would say things like “ok today I got 5 so tomorrow I’m going for ten”. I usually met my goal but I had a shit load flakes. I realized I got too caught up in trying to get numbers instead trying to find value and in turn relay value. Don’t make this a numbers game. When you see a woman just have the intention of wanting to see what she’s about and in turn, if she’s good, you’ll give her the opportunity to see what an amazing guy you are.  

Tip #5: Always Let Her Know Who You Are and What Your Intentions Are

You know this is a big one because there are books that tell you to use openers and different things like that but the truth is if you are not genuine about your approaches you will always have an uphill battle, always. I found that being direct is simply being honest with you. If you see a woman who has a very nice ass go over and let her know that but don’t say it like the guys in the bar, put a twist on it. You can say something like listen I noticed you across the street and I must say you have the most attractive figure I’ve seen so far today,  I had to meet you to see if there was more then meets the eye.  If you see that she’s obviously attractive but her wardrobe was what stood out first then tell her that, but in a clever confident way. Don’t see a women and say “gee she’s looking beautiful today I think I’ll go open her up with the should I name my dog opener”, NO! If you do these things then it’s going to be difficult to have a natural conversation because you’re not being honest with yourself. This rule right here is what gives a lot of the BAD BOYS the edge. Because they usually let women know straight up what they think. Always let a woman know who you are and what your intentions are. If she stays, she’s yours, if she don’t then she wasn’t yours to begin with and you can’t miss something you never had. And if you’re consistent in this you’ll realize that for every woman that gets out on you, there will be one bumping into her on the way in for sure!

Tip #6: Bring It Down a Bit

If she’s looking hostile address it, if she’s acting nervous address it, bring these things to the fore front. A lot of times when we are put in a different type of situations that’s not common to us we tend to act in ways in which we normally would not. If necessary, I’ll say something like “look I know this must be strange, to have a confident guy come up and actually want to see what type of woman you are aside from your looks but trust me this is a good thing, my name is Dale by the way.  

Tip #7: Make Her Invest and Don’t Be Impressed

You know they say nobody wants the milk when the cow is free and usually that goes from that to not wanting the cow at all. Don’t turn around and be the guys asking all the questions or answering them, make her to work for your approval. If you master this art, having things to talk about becomes as easy as tying your shoes. Ask open ended questions and make statements. And don’t be impressed, relate to her but don’t act impressed 85% of the time. They have enough men praising them for everything they do down to them clipping their toe nails.

Tip #8: Don’t Beat the Dead Horse

Ok you’ve stopped her in her tracks; she’s impressed by your bold approach. Now you got her talking and laughing, and she’s even asking you questions; it’s getting very interesting and what do you do…continue to hang there until she ends the conversation or there’s just that acquired silence. DONT LET THIS HAPPEN!! Always be the one to end the conversation and always end it on a high note. If you know what it’s like to watch a good show until the end only to be given the “to be continued” black screen then you can understand what the value of this tip is. 

Tip #9: Challenge Her!

 These kinds of ties into tip #7, don’t be like all the other guys, she’s over that. Challenge her; if she says she’s a model ask her what else she does. If she says she’s a photographer ask her what’s her website, or don’t ask her any these at all I’m just letting you know you have to challenge her some type of way. Women like a man who’s a challenge, and who challenges. If you are not about any of the two your considered basic to her. She has enough guys on POF doing the ass kissing job.

Well there you have it guys, just some basic tips to approaching women. I hope that these tips will come in handy. Of course you will never know until you get out there and try them!! Get out there and make it happen guys. Subscribe and stay tuned to more useful tips from the SW!TCH up blog.

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