Saturday, December 1, 2012

She wants a bad boy!! But it's not what you think...

Hey guys thanks for taking the time out to check out the blog site, remeber, this blog is not about me but us so feel free to express your thoughts below. This is the first entry to the blog and I thought I'd address a very misuderstood, disgusting set of words guys hear from some of the most attractive women from time to time and those word are "I LIKE BAD BOYS".

A new client of mines (I'll call him Jim) came in today expressing to me that he indeed wanted to be a more productive guy in the dating scene but stated to me in these exact words "I want to be better with women but most of them are so stupid! They seem to always claim they want a bad boy and I am not a bad boy and refuse to be a dead beat thug who goes to jail and hangs with my posse and leave my babies without fathers!!". This is a very common misunderstanding that guys with beta male mentality have in the dating world. They perceive the bad boy that women speak of to typically be what Jim spoke of above and for a small percantage of them that may be so and I'm talking in the single digits maybe 3%.  The truth is the other 97% of women who say they like bad boys or maybe say they like a guy with a bad boy side have a totally different perception about what a bad boy is vs. what my client Jim has. 

First off let me tell you guys a very valuble secret about women (if you dont know it already). WHAT WOMEN SAY IS NOT TOTALLY WHAT THEY MEAN AND THEY USUALLY NEVER WILL WHEN THEY SPEAK ABOUT WHAT THEY WANT FROM MEN. If you have a problem with that my friend your going to be failing from the start. 

Now when a women says that she wants a bad boy she doesn't technically mean she wants a dead beat guy, get that out of your head its the only way you will fully understand the dynamics of what shes saying in order to put you sir, ahead of the pack. Usually when a woman says she wants a bad boy she typically is relaying to a guy she wants some if not all of these things:  

1) She wants a guy who does'nt give a fuck about how he's perceived by other people and is ok with being him. In other words she wants a guy who's CONFIDENT.

2) She wants a guy who has adventure to him and can show her excitment and is not just some boring square who wants to just hang out at home and watch movies all the time. 

3) She wants a guy who's not afraid to show his sexual intrest in her with no regret.

4) She wants a guy who is not submissive and is not about to bow down and kiss her ass just to keep her from being upset all the time.

5) She wants a guy who will call her out on her bullshit with no guilt.

6) She wants a guy who can care at one moment and not give a shit the next some might call this effectively pushing and pulling.

Quite often in the race to get that very attractive woman alot of good men fall short (by large) due to being the total opposite of almost all those charecteristics. The reason we see women with men who actually are those dead beat guys is because they actually possess these charecteristics, and they express them effortlessly and because it's most commonly found in them, women define that as bad boy or the bad boy side.  

Now I know alot of guys, like Jim possess these attributes but are affraid to express them because she might think this or she might think that, or she might leave. Well let me tell you something those thoughts that your having is what is called BETA MALE MENTALITY and women pick up on that shit believe it or not. And you know something else continuing to have that way of thinking is what is going to keep you in the what I call the MR.GOODJOY role while shes hanging out and more then likely fucking dead beat. Thats right shes going to pass up the smart, intelligent, ambitous, and everything else guy you are in exchange for the douche. Either that or shes not going to deal with men at all, you lose both ways.

So from now on when a girl says "I want a bad boy or I want a man with a bad boy side" don't cringe just understand that she just wants a real man, an ALPHA MALE, and not MR.GOODJOY.

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